Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10, 2009 Day 25 Mission control: We have lift-off...

Kindergarten's pretend play space shuttle and ISS opened for the first time today and everything seems to be happening at once. Some astronauts, already onboard the ISS are attempting communication with the astronauts in the shuttle: "ISS to shuttle, are you there? This is mission control. We are about to lift off. 10, 9, 8..." Tethering carefully, other astronauts (apparently already in space!) are moving toward the entrance to the ISS, interested in retrieving phones and remote controls from the crew. One crew member is declaring an emergency by urgently penning a note: "We have technical problems on board the space station!" An astronaut in the shuttle is typing furiously on a keyboard and receiving calls on a cellular device. Another astronaut is moving in slow motion from the ISS to the shuttle with a tether, thoughtfully pressing a sequence of keys on a remote control. Several astronauts search for the handloops in another tether, trying to problem-solve the situation with a friend who is dangerously "loose and floating away." An astronaut, still in count-down mode, hangs up the phone ad sketches a diagram of the plan for the "rocket booster" to "fall to earth." Two friends sitting at the desk are making check marks on a piece of paper as they review the supplies on board the space station and determine what is needed.

Note to NASA: Hang in there there a few more years! This crew is 100% inspired and absolutely convincing in their role-playing and pretend play scenarios. They will be college graduates in 2026 :)

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