Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010 Day 53 Gatorade Pompoms, Take two!

Kindergartners helped prepare fresh, brightly-colored pompoms with Gatorade for the butterflies this morning and placed the pompoms on a tray at the bottom of the terrarium as well as on the one suspended at the top. Monarchs were hand-placed on the pompoms to feed.

Several kindergartners asked to hold the butterflies after the butterflies had been offered their breakfast. One friend made a sign cautioning visitors to our classroom :" Watch where you're stepping! Our butterflies may be out!"
With the doors to our classroom safely closed, a few butterflies exercised their wings in the classroom. The butterflies perched in interesting places! Letter A...the cardboard satellite hanging over our pretend play space station...a photo of a sunflower....

Two butterflies played hide and seek with us for a few minutes before we found them and returned them to the safety of their terrarium. "I wish I could spend all day long holding the butterflies," whispered a kindergartner. "Yeah, me too!" another echoed.