Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 23, 2009 Winter Break Post Card #2

To: Kindergarten
From: Teacher Ann

Dear Kindergartners,

This morning I ran out of Gatorade so I refilled the feeding trays with pompoms soaked in grape juice. I gently placed each butterfly on a pompom and let go of their wings. The butterflies all flew away. I repeated my attempt to feed them. Again, they flew away.

I went to the store for more Gatorade, cleaned the pompoms, and re-soaked them in the fresh Gatorade. The butterflies stayed a long time on the pompoms, feeding on the Gatorade. I added a branch from our Frasier fir Christmas tree for them to climb on.

When I feed the butterflies, I move them from the window near my desk (where it is 65-68 degrees) to the dining room or kitchen where it is warmer (70-72+ degrees). I keep the butterflies in the warmer part of the house until they are finished feeding.

By the window where they have natural light and sunshine, they are most often resting with wings folded upwards. In the dining room and kitchen where it is warmer, they are actively fanning their wings and moving around.

One butterfly stopped moving today; it is lying on the floor of the terrarium. I will save its beautiful body under glass as we have agreed to do.

Teacher Ann