Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 29, 2009 Day 44 Winter Break Post Card #3

To: Kindergarten
From: Teacher Ann

Dear Kindergartners,

Will you help me figure out how many days have passed since our butterflies came out of their chrysalides? We could count the days and know how "old" they are in their butterfly stage.

First, find a calendar and turn the pages through eleven months, beginning in January. When you come to the twelfth month, stop. What month is it?

December is the twelfth month in our calendar year. Today is December 29. Find the 29th on the calendar and circle it with a pencil or marker.

Now, let's look on the calendar for December 10, the day our first butterflies eclosed (came out) of their chrysalides. When you find December 10, circle it with a pencil or marker.

Here is the question: If the butterflies came out on December 10 and today is December 29, how many days "old" are they in their butterfly stage?

Use the calendar to help you! Count the days between December 10 and December 29. What number did you get? That's how old the butterflies are today in their butterfly stage!

Teacher Ann

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