Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24, 2009 Day 71 Reverent curiosity

Our Monarchs in Space butterflies continue living in our screened terrarium where they feed on Gatorade-soaked pompoms. The terrarium is misted daily with water.

Three butterflies have died and are pressed under glass. Nine are living. The brightly-colored orange wings of our living butterflies are faded now and a few wing tips have been chipped.

Every day the children stop by the terrarium to visit the butterflies.

The most recent death of one butterfly drew hushed voices and gentle acknowledgments from the children. Living in the present moment as children do, they were curious about the butterfly's lifeless body, how its wings were folded and the legs drawn close to its body. All children wanted to view the dead butterfly before it was placed under glass.

A child's reverent curiosity is truly something special.

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